How to apply

How to apply vinyl wall sticker

1. Wipe your wall, make sure it is dust free, smooth and dry before you apply it onto it.
2.Cut the sticker into smaller units/Parts if necessary, just for easily apply the smaller unit/part to the wall.
3.Cut the transfer stick-less paper in the similar size of the stickers.
4.Peel the transfer stick-less paper off and put it over to the sticker.
5.Slowly peel the sticker with the transfer stick-less paper together from the backing paper and apply to the surface carefully.
6.Use a Credit card(or other cards) to scrape over the applied sticker only to remove any bubbles.
7.Remove the transfer stick-less paper slowly and continue use credit card to scrape over the applied sticker. If any air bubbles appear, you may pierce the edge with a needle and force the air out.
8. Applies on any dry, smooth, dust free surface.
9. Done and enjoy the changes in your home.
10.If you want to remove the sticker, please use a hairdryer to warm up the sticker to reduce its sticky, then remove the sticker slowly and carefully from the wall.

How to apply non-woven wallpaper

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