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How to Choose a Wall Mural for Your Home

By Richard Liu September 24, 2018 0 comments

How to Choose a Wall Mural for Your Home

A wall mural can be a great way to spice up any room of your home. But, how do you choose the right one? Read on to learn how to choose a wall mural.

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Given that it could cost you $300 to $800 just to paint a single room of your house, you should consider solutions that make your home seem unique. A simple paint job is a large undertaking, but for the same amount of work, you could have your own custom wall mural. Large art wallpaper could bring a fun and engaging spirit to your home.

Here are five things to look for when choosing a wall mural for your home.

1. Choose Your Style

There are so many styles of wall murals to choose from, including the most essential differences between portraits and landscapes. If you want your wall mural to depict a certain figure, animal, or object, you could have one that highlights them or puts them in a scene.

You could also forego a central figure and get something that's more focused on design. If you want to create an aura in your room, you should choose a landscape based design or a pattern that resonates with you.

A pattered design can create a feeling or emotion as much as a portrait could. If you don't have any particular image in mind, you can select a fairly subtle design that complements your furniture and your interior design.

A pattern can differentiate one room from another and let guests feel welcome, create the right mood to decompress in your bedroom or make a kid's room fun. Any number of feelings are possible when you put up an exciting and fun wall mural for your bedroom.

2. Where Do You Want It?

Hammering home some of the points from above, you need to figure out where you want your mural. You don't need a gigantic room-sized mural in a living room where you're trying to only highlight one wall. However, a nice tromp l'oeil mural could add a fun bit of surrealism to your living space.

If you're trying to match your furniture, that will narrow down your mural type in terms of color and style. When you're putting it in your game room or parlor, you can have a lot more fun and underscore the purpose of being in that room.

If your room is for relaxing, you might not want to choose a loud and boisterous mural. Something much more lowkey and calming might be appropriate for this kind of space.

If you're putting your plural in a room that's mostly empty, your mural will have to do the heavy lifting of engaging your guests and friends. Putting a mural in the laundry room could be fun but it also might be a waste if no one ever gets to see it.

3. What's the Purpose?

You could be just accenting a room or building a cohesive aesthetic. Depending on the direction you're headed, your mural will serve very different purposes. You can have a mural that fills your room seamlessly and fills you with an exciting feeling every time you step into it.

If you have kids, you can ignite their imagination with their favorite interests. If your kids love aquatic life or have an interest in nature, you can get a mural that spreads across all of their walls and creates an immersive experience. Your kids will love every second of being immersed in an environment that excites them and inspires them to imagine.

If they are a more thoughtful and quiet type, they might like a simpler design that fits their own personal aesthetic. As kids, we begin to build our own styles independent of our parents very young. Let them weigh in on what they like, but remember that kids can be very fickle too.

Ask them in a few weeks what they like and don't be surprised if you get a very different answer. If they can't land on something, wait for them to identify what they like first before you start putting up a mural.

4. Stickers, Paper, or Prints

Your mural can take several different forms depending on the material you want to use and how permanent you want to make it.

Your mural could be made from stickers and be applied to your wall in sections. It will be affixed via an adhesive on the back of the mural.

You could choose wallpaper and have your mural applied via a single roll. The process of applying wallpaper is different than applying a sticker but can be a little more forgiving for strangely shaped rooms or walls.

If you want just a small area of application or perhaps a mural you could move from room to room or home to home, you should choose a print. A print can be mounted in a number of ways and hung wherever you want it to be.

5. How About Maps?

There's a whole subsection of mural designs derived from maps. Maps are a great way to make a room engaging without making your room seem overloaded with any kind of design. No one has a problem with the size of a map.

Old looking maps can make a library or study room seem classic and classy. A fun and colorful map that's on a wall of kids playroom can help your kids to dream and to explore. Their minds will wander too far off places as they put themselves in the context of the big wide world.

A Wall Mural Is a Unique Solution to a Common Problem

Choosing a wall mural for your home is a great alternative to painting your home a bland and blase color. Colorful and exciting wall murals give your home a unique spirit that makes every room seem perfectly you!

If you want something perfect for your adventurous kids, check out our variety of underwater-themed murals.

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